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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jessica aguirre. our lead story tonight, access for all, but at what price? one small business after another has closed its doors in san francisco's richmond district recently. some say the economy is not entirely to blame, but instead, an expensive tug-of-war revolving around accessibility for disabled patrons. nbc bay area's traci grant is live in san francisco tonight. now, traci, some people say this is long overdue and others are calling it extortion. >> reporter: well, marla, you're absolutely right. it's true that there are a lot of businesses here in san francisco's richmond district that aren't entirely handicapped accessible. now, what's upsetting some people is the money involved in these lawsuits that are filed by what some people call professional plaintiffs. >> the person indicated that he wanted -- he loves the restaurant. >> reporter: that's how the letter started out, but the
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writer went on to complain that as a disabled man, bella pizza wasn't very accessible to him. >> and wants to see what kind of actions you want to take from there. >> reporter: three years, a lot of renovation, and between $30,000 and $40,000 later, she has reached the tail end of a lawsuit that almost sunk her business entirely. >> it's very hard. >> reporter: this is one of dozens of small businesses in san francisco's richmond district though get hit with an americans with disabilities act lawsuit. >> it was sort of like a plague. there was someone coming around and suing people for making their businesses come up to ada appliance. and the more i heard about it and the more i looked into it, it seemed like a money-making thing. >> reporter: jessie, head of the clement story association, says he doesn't like the money that seems to be playing.
6:02 pm lists yates as a plaintiff in nearly 200 cases and frankovich says he's normally working at 75 to 88 cases at a time. frankovich says that yates' disability shouldn't keep him out of buildings that have had 20 years to adhere to ada regulations. frankovich says a lot of businesses have ignored ada regulations and the lawsuits are often the only way to get them to finally comply. >> there was some businesses which just by the architecture of the space can't comply to everything. they just can't. i don't think those businesses should have to close. >> reporter: now, attorney thomas frankovich was out of town, so we interviewed him on the phone. we also asked if we could speak to his client, craig yates, and he said that yates does not speak to the media. now, san francisco supervisor eric mar says the city is working on a way to help some of
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these small business owners, to come up with small loans to do this kind of work that they need to do, or at least have a consultant come in and show them exactly what need to be done to comply with the ada laws. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> traci, thank you. let's get to some developing news right now. fallout from the nuclear plant failure in japan is being felt on the shores of northern california. >> we want to get right to the newsroom, where our marianne favro is live with the very latest. marianne? >> these results have announced that they have detected small traces of raid radiation released by the ongoing nuclear disaster in japan in both bay area tap water and milk here in the bay area. researchers say you would have to drink roughly 3,800 liters of this milk, however, to receive a radiation dose equivalent to a round-trip cross-country flight. so that puts it in perspective for you. now, the isotopes detected were at a level lower than the
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rainwater measurements, but they were higher than the creek water measurements. scientists stress that these levels are not dangerous and they are only slightly elevated above normal levels. now, the isotopes found were iodine and cesium isotopes. both of these are associated with the overwhelmed fukushima plant in japan. small traces of radiation were also found in milk tested in washington state. once again, scientist at uc berkeley do not expect these additional very, very small amounts to have any additional impact on our health. back to you. >> all right, marianne, thank you for that. case closed. jurors will soon deliberate following today's closing arguments. the plaintiff seeks $7.5 million in damages for what she claims was a gang rape by seven former players of the de anza college basketball team and another man. defense attorneys say the 21-year-old woman is, quote, on a mission for millions.
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everyone involved in the 2007 incident had been drinking, including the alleged victim. closing remarks are set to finish by friday and the jury will then begin deliberations in santa clara county court. two more big league players took the stand today in the barry bonds perjury trial. a former oakland a, randy valardi says he pedurchasch hdh from bonds' personal trainer throughout the 2008 season. he followed testimony by former giants marvin bernard, who also testified anderson supplied him with designer steroids. also today, workers at uc l.a.'s drug lab were questioned about a bonds' urine sample seized in a 2004 raid of quest diagnostics. prosecutors claim the sample tested positive for steroids. a sobering analysis from a retired engineer from the lawrence liver more lab. he says his solano county neighborhood has the potential
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for even an more disastrous pipeline explosion than the san bruno blast last year. he was so concerned about the gas lines running under his neighborhood, he got a federal grant to the issue back in 2009, even before the san bruno explosion. today he organized a walking tour through the area and released his findings, which he claims show how pg&e's underground pipelines run right below his neighborhood and within 18 yards of jet fuel pipeline s running to travis ai force base. >> these pipelines -- you know, nothing lasts forever. we have bridges that rust. we have roads that fall apart. what about our pipelines? and it seems like nobody seems to be worried about that. >> he also says the potential for the danger there is greater than san bruno and that the situation needs attention from federal regulators. california's most powerful unions are pressuring republican
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lawmakers to change their minds and vote to allow a special election to solve the state's budget mess. governor jerry brown ended negotiations with republican lawmakers who refused to agree to a june vote to extend several temporary taxes. the unions are pressuring both sides to resume budget talks. the state wants voters to approve extending the taxes to close nearly half the state's $26.6 billion budget gap. here's some good news. for the first time since june of 2008, we are no longer living in drought conditions. today, governor jerry brown officially proclaimed that the drought is over. the announcement comes after the department of water resources reported that the water content in the statewide snowpack is 165% of the average for this time of year. also, a majority of the state's reservoirs are above storage levels. though this news is exciting to many, the governor is still insisting that residents continue to conserve water.
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and our very own chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, he's been tracking the snow and water levels all year for us. now the question is, jeff, how do our water levels look here? >> definitely improving here. when you look at it from a climate standpoint, the drought was over a year ago, when it comes to at least the vegetation according to the climate center. however, of course, it all kind of goes together. the amount of water in the reservoirs, how much snowpack we have. and according to the emergency declaration, it was used for things like authorization water transfers and studying economic impacts. so these two wet seasons in a row have eliminated any shortage of water supply. however, california still faces high demand, limited water storage, and overdrawn and underground supplies. >> what it doesn't mean is we can start wasting water. what it doesn't mean is some parts of the state may not have water shortages. but from a statewide perspective, we are in really good shape right now. >> so in sacramento, outdoor water limits are still in effect and residents still could be
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fined if they violate these restrictions that are in place. now, back here in the bay area, we certainly are focused on the northern sierra for that snowpack and all that runoff, as we head throughout spring and summer. let's get a look at these numbers, 174% of average, certainly some much better news when it comes to the sierra. as we zoom in and take these graphics full, what we're going to be able to find here in san francisco, we're at 113% of normal f the rainfall season. great news there as the past several weeks have certainly caught us up. 125% of normal in oakland and one area that has struggled all year lon has been san jose and right now we are above the h 10 mark, so the drought is done and we are settling in, once again, to some very warm weather. we'll have details on all of these record highs and how hot it's going to get tomorrow, coming up. >> thank you, jeff. a number of bay area groups are coming together to reinforce the bay area's water supply system. the meeting is especially
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important in light of the disaster in japan. this morning was the launch of $320 million seismic and reliability upgrade to the hedgy regional water system. the upgrades include four construction projects on the peninsula. there will be renovations to a reservoir system, a water treatment plant, and regional pipelines. >> it was built in 1890. this tower was built in the 1930s. this dam was built in the 1890s. so you can see, it was one of the first kind of water storage places around the bay area. >> these improvements mean in the vevent of an earthquake, moe than 1 million people in san mateo county and san francisco would have access to water within 36 hours. construction of the four projects is expected to be completed in the next four years. well, happening now in san jose, concerned families are meeting tonight to send a clear signal -- they don't want cellular towers built on school grounds. the opposition comes a week after the city's planning department approved the installation of a 500-foot tower
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by t-mobile at leland high school's athletic field. while notification of the initial hearing was sent out to local residents, nothing was given to parents with students at leland and the nearby bret hart middle school. the meeting underway at leland's auditorium as we speak. still ahead, california takes a major step forward. and see the new numbers that show the president's re-election is going to be an uphill battle. i'm scott budman. tesla revving against a p lawopsuul ul.inst a popar tv show that's coming up right after the break. now.
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an electric lawsuit. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins with us tonight's tech headline. >> raj and marla, one employee at a time.
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graphic chipmaker and video had a very good years. sales higher, stock prices up about 100% in six months, and it's now putting its money where its philanthropy is. individual employees donating money, vacation time, whatever, all to japan. earlier today, we caught up with nvidya ceo, sjason wang. >> you think about the schools and towns that are literally washed away. it's hard breaking. so we all have to figure out a way to get together and help out. so we started an operation. it's called operation kazoona. that's a japanese word that stands for bond, bond of love, bond of friendship. >> wang himself says he will match every employee donation dollar for dollar. nvidia will then match each dollar with two dollars. and google also in the news,
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settling with a federal trade commission for using deceptive tactics when it launched his buzz feature last year. google has to establish a new privacy program that will be audited for the next 20 years. on the plus side, they did decide whethre to build its high-speed network. kansas city, kansas. and a tesla ripping through the track as a part of the top show "top gear," but then the tesla apparently runs out of juice. an embarrassing moment that tesla is suing over, claiming libel, claiming the car did not run out of electricity. "top gear" says it stands by its claims. this show has a huge audience. tesla episode originally aired in december of 2008. raj will keep you posted. >> very embarrassing. thank you, scott. get ready for a big change in the way you power your life. the renewable energy bill sent to governor jerry brown's office would require utility companies to get a third of its
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electricity from renewable sources by the year 2020. backers of the bill say it will make california a leader of clean energy. opponents say it will increase the cost of electricity. our lieutenant governor and former san francisco mayor, gavin newsom, he's denying rumors he's got his eyes on the state's top office. the "chronicle" reported this morning newsom is already starting to ask for donations for a gubernatorial bid. he's already opened a re-election campaign committee for his current position, but no rules stop him from turning that into a governor's race. his press secretary told us today he's 100% focused on being lieutenant governor and called the reports "silly." okay, follow the technology and follow the money. it looks like president obama will be making the bay area part of his early re-election campaign schedule. published reports say he will come to san francisco on april 20th. the timing is interesting, because nbc's chuck todd says his re-election campaign will kick off in chicago on april
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14th, so he'll be in san francisco less than a week later. the last time the president was here was just back in february. he had dinner with tech executives, including apple's steve jobs, oracle's larry ellison, and facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. peta wants a new name of the tender loin to be tempe, which is a vegan cruelty-free meat institute. san francisco is known for some of the best vegan food of the word. no word yet from mayor ed lee on any name change just yet. be on the lookout here. the egyptian cobra who snuck away from his habitat at the bronx zoo in new york last week is still at large, and that's prompted time magazine to list the top zoo escapes of all time, or at least for the last 50 or 60 years. they include the 300-pound hippo found strolling by a nearby road in san francisco in 1964, who escaped from the san francisco zoo. and that was just five hours
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after sfpd captured 13 buffalo in san francisco that the zoo director didn't even know was missing. the many escapes by ken the orangutan at the san diego zoo inspired a fan club who called themselves the hairy houdini fan club. but virginia the wolf took the top spot from her escapes where he climbed three trees and fences hiding out so long it's still not clear if she was ever found. back to the story of the egyptian cobra. the zoo in the bronx says they're confident that the poisonous snake is hiding, but their efforts to find it since last friday have been difficult. that's not too reassuring, is it? never fear, we have it on good authority that the snake is still around. at least he's tweeting about his journey. no kidding here. comments from an account claiming to be the snake are some of the most re-tweeted items on twitter. here's one from this afternoon, "getting on the ferry to ellis
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island. let's hope this goes better than the time on the plane." he also said he got his karaoke on last night. jeff ranieri, you know what you're talking about. you called it. it was hot today. >> did you guys love it? >> loving it! >> we have even more heading your way as we head into tomorrow. the temperatures could be going up another 5 to 7 degrees. take a look at the jump we had today, anywhere between 5 to 15 degrees warmer here across the bay area. some of the biggest increases from fairfield down to concord, also in the north bay, with santa rosa to novato, bumping up anywhere from 11 to 14 degrees warmer. that did lead to record highs. look at this long list. almost ran out of room on the page here on my screen. napa, 86. that was one of the warmest spots here across the bay area. a new record. also a new record in santa rosa. downtown, san francisco with 82. then you step a little bit outside of downtown and temperatures were in the 70s in san francisco. san rafael, 82, and mountain view along the peninsula with 79
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other numbers today that were warm, 80 in livermore and 81 in fairfield. this time last week we had temperatures in the 50s. big, big-time increases for us here. all right. a look outside right now in san francisco and temperatures in the low 70s. and we had those winds, westerly at 16 miles per hour. and those winds, as we continue through tonight, will still keep it mild. mainly coming out of the north here throughout the north bay. still holding on to heat in the north bay with 82 in santa rosa. 79 in napa. so let's get a look at the pattern. right now, any sign of cloud cover has moved off to the south and well to the east. we'll call it clear and also a little bit breezy for tonight. high pressure sitting offshore. that clockwise circulation helping to bring down these dry, northerly winds. and take a look at that. that storm track is heading well off to the north. you can see the arc in the clouds right there. that's from high pressure sitting down at the surface. let's get a look. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, upper 50s and low 60s, kind of a mild start. but watch this.
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by 11:00 a.m., temperatures already in the mid-70s for the south bay, even possibly 77 in san jose. and then by 2:00 p.m., a little bit of a preview here, some low 80s in the south bay. so will we have more records tomorrow? yes. could we even see a few isolated 90s? that is also possible. also possible here for a few delays from new york to washington, d.c. if you're doing any traveling. but why would you want to go anywhere? it's going to be so nice tomorrow. >> we're in the best spot, jeff. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, only nbc bay area has the images of creek als washedway homes. the tug-of-war now over who's responsible.
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premature birth is the number one cause of newborn death, yet in most cases, doctors don't know why babies are born too early. now, a new bay area research team will pursue that answer. the march of dimes prematurity research center at stanford school of medicine is the first of its kind in the nation. scientists from many different backgrounds will collaborate to
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try to pinpoint the cause of premature birth and new ways to prevent it. kevin bracey says the answers cannot come soon enough. >> we've got two sons born prematurely. one made it but has been having health issues his entire life, the entire nine years he's been on this planet, he's been now have of the hospital. and our other son is in heaven. >> an estimated one in eight babies in the u.s. is born premature, a rate higher than any other industrialized nation. well, mountain view-based google has its sites setrainbowe kansas. google announcing that it will build its first ultrahigh speed internet network in kansas city, kansas. the internet will be 100 faster than most cities in the country. google leaders said they were looking for a place where they could build efficiently, make an impact on the community, and build relationships with that community and its organations. more than 1,100 cities applied, but it's kansas city, kansas,
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that wince out. still ahead at 6:00, sliding back home. this is big news. the new hope for cal baseball after some big money donations. i'm damian trujillo live in mountain view. and look at what the storms did. sudden waterfront property. we'll have that next. plus, an inside look at one of california's major power planr his chionrceir ornve his concesrn of a plant that's still working here. ast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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welcome back. homes now teetering on the edge of a cliff. that's how several people in mountain view are seeing their mobile homes. the recent rains washing away some of the land the property sits on. victims struggle to save their homes and now there's a fight over who should pay for the repairs. it's a story we broke tonight at 5:00. nbc bay area's damon trujillo is back on the property overlooking that 30-foot drop. damon, where you are, pretty precarious. it's where steven's creek is
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right on el camino and 85. it's a pretty dense area of communities, right? >> reporter: right. you wouldn't expect a slide like this in this area, but look at what it did to the backyard of these homes. they're not here anymore. these homes are now red tagged and for good reason. >> reporter: this is the danger the mobileho homes are in. the homeowner's 30-foot backyard swallowed by steven's creek. the kumar family watched it happen during the last storm. did you hear it? >> yeah, i saw the whole thing falling apart. and then it was like, the house was shaky, the next neighbor's backyard was gone too. >> reporter: the kumars rented their mobile home, but the other residents own theirs and lease the land from the mobile home park. >> a couple of sundays ago, this has started, and i have not had any sleep. >> reporter: the property manager says they've been telling the valley water district for years about erosion concerns, but the utility says they can't pay for repairs on the bank because it's private
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property. >> it would be a gift of public funds to protect a private property -- to use public funds to protect a private property owner. in this case, the creek zone by the mobile home park. >> reporter: that's news to the mobile home park. >> just like, they can't build anything on our property because we're private property, we can't do anything on their creek either. however, their creek is eroding our land. >> reporter: while that debate evolves, the kumars are left with the images of a scary morning, left wondering if the neighbors might soon see steven's creek wash away their homes. and just to show you the force of this last slide, what you're looking at is an entire oak tree. it was standing upright last week and now it came crashing down on to the middle of steven's creek because of the power of this last storm. the valley water district says that they would never recommend these mobile home parks today to be built this close to a creek
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like this, but the rules were much different back in the '60s, when this was allowed. they say the thing now is to install a retaining wall here to make sure that this bank stays upright, much like they did over in pacifica, but that's going to cost a lot of money. the fight is over who is going to pay for that. we're live in mountain view, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, daymmdamon, precarious perched there. another landslide is threatening homeowners. this homeowner is staying in a hotel while emergency workers determine whether they can shore up the hillside. neighbors are concerned the landslide could also prompt gas line problems. the fire department and pg&e have both checked the area and determined so far there is no threat of a gas leak. happening right now in san pablo, city leaders are meeting with concerned residents in a meeting that is closed to the public. the residents want to know
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what's being done about a landslide that ripped backyards yea from several homes. heavy rains from several storms made the soil on the hillside unstable. on sunday, the city proclaimed a local mrnl. that's the first step in getting state and federal money to help with repairs. another meeting on the slide situation is set for tomorrow. an east oakland community is on high alert tonight for the safety of its children. police are investigating allegations from a 14-year-old girl who claims a man tried to grab her and sexually assault her. let's bring in nbc bay area's jodi hernandez who joins us from police headquarters. j jodi, you along with a lot of residents there pushing for more information here. what's the latest tonight? >> reporter: well, raj, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. they've been talking to the girl all afternoon and they say that information is changing, but while they try to sort out the details of this case, folks who live in an already dangerous neighborhood are feeling pretty rattled. >> every time they tell me to take out the garbage, i always
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make sure somebody's watching me. >> reporter: 9-year-old nahte never ventures outside along. she loves picking flowers and chasing butterflies in her east oakland front yard, but won't go outside unless her father's right there with her. >> i say, you don't stay out here by yourself, at all, because, like i said, you don't know who's driving around here. seen prostitution going on down here, guys dealing drugs or whatever around the neighborhood and stuff. so i try to make sure she's watched all the time. >> reporter: and now families in the neighborhood are even more on edge. oakland police say a 14-year-old girl reported she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted late sunday night on the same block. >> we do have our special victims' unit investigators on this case. it is a high priority to the oakland police department. >> reporter: police are urging people to be on guard as they sort out the facts of the case. they say neighbors need to be on their toes. >> the number one tip that i have is for people to not be distracted by electronic
6:33 pm
devices, because we really see that that often is the distraction, either cell phones or, you know, ipods. people listening to music and that distracts them and we've had a lot of abductions, sexual assaults, and robberies due to people being distracted. >> reporter: we analyzed crime stats in the neighborhood and found more than two dozen assault cases have occurred in the last 30 days alone. >> i'm always looking. i'm always looking. this is oakland. i'm always looking around. >> reporter: the reported assault is another reminder how important it is to be aware. nahte says she'll be spending even less time outside from now on. >> now i stay inside because it's safer in there than it is out here. >> reporter: again, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. they tell me that they do believe the girl was assaulted. they also say that people who live in that neighborhood should always be on guard. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. tonight, workers are still
6:34 pm
trying to contain a radiation leak in japan. the plant's owner says radiation detected in seawater near the crippled nuclear power plant is at its highest level yet. more than 3,300 times normal. workers still have not been able to turn the power back on, which would help cool the reactors. it could take weeks or even months to restart those reactors and avoid a total meltdown. after the disaster in japan, nuclear plants here in california are being put under the microscope. and the findings aren't all pretty. vicky vargas from our sister station in l.a. reports on working conditions inside the san onofre nuclear plant. >> reporter: he says he couldn't ignore what other employees were telling him. that last september, they were afraid to go to their own bosses and complain about working conditions inside the san onofre nuclear generating station. >> all the employees, they're young, smart, and really bright people and they just wanted to be heard. the problem was that they would raise three concerns and their
6:35 pm
management either wasn't responding in a timely fashion or just wasn't responding at all. >> reporter: so the 35-year-old project manager went outside the gates, complaining directly to the nuclear regulatory commission. a month later in october of 2010, he was fired with this explanation -- >> the exact words were, they don't need you to be their superhero, and then the employees were also told not to raise concerns outside of their chain of command. >> reporter: seven months before that firing, the nrc issued this letter accusing southern california edison of creating a chilling effect in its work environment. according to the nrc, in 2009, nearly three dozen workers from maintenance crew to engineers complained about fear of retaliation. the nrc says it was ten times the industry standard. edison officials say the complaints have been addressed. >> whatever you may think the standards of safety are at your local car dealership or your local high school, there are 100 -- 1,000 times higher at a
6:36 pm
nuclear power plant, so we're very concerned about any allegations of this type. >> reporter: in his lawsuit, the oceanside man claims he was insuring the safety of his colleagues. >> and i know they're not the ones turning the wrenches on the reactor, but their work is vital to the successful operation of the plant. the >> that was nbc's vicki vargas reporting. the drug-selling allegations against a former east bay narcotics commander has spawned a civil lawsuit against the city of antioch. a vallejo criminal law specialist is representing five people arrested in drug raids in antioch. they're suing norman welch and several members of the antioch police department, claiming they were searched illegal lie and that their property was stolen by officers. their attorney released this video, claiming it shows an officer redirecting their surveillance camera. the suit claims officers seized cash, guns, and other items which were never returned to their owners, even once charges were dropped. the "mercury news" reports
6:37 pm
antioch's city manager domestic disputes the claims. the proud and rich tradition of cal baseball might be saved after all. a san francisco lawyer and a former pitcher for the golden bears is throwing his best pitch of school's chancellor. attorney stu gordon says he has evidence of more than $9 million in private pledges to restore cal's baseball program. folks in berkeley are reacting to today's news. >> that would be great and the university should pay attention to that and take advantage of that and use the donation. >> it's a huge sport, it's been around for so long. we've had so many athletes from the cal baseball team go into the mlb, so i think it should be one of the ones not to be cut, because it has such a history with america and with the school. >> former giants great jeff kent is also chipping in. gordon says he's hopeful the funds will help the chancellor reinstate the program that is scheduled to end for good after this season. the school won't give us an
6:38 pm
official response other than to say, even if gordon's group raises the money, cal might not accept it. >> i hope it works out for them. still ahead at 6:00, rich in color and history, artists paint a new mural in san francisco's mission district. find out its link to a 200-year-old mystery. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a stellar day here across san francisco. you know, we're under a warming trend when san francisco beats out san jose, 82 in downtown! all right. as we head throughout tonight, clear conditions for the south bay and warming up quickly by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll tell you about more record inmiust s.nutefor atmorrow ust minutes. in
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well, check your freezers. more than 100,000 pounds of frozen pizza products are being recalled from a popular store. some of the pizzas sold at trader joes contain wheat, which, of course, is a known
6:41 pm
allergen. however, there was no mention of wheat on the product label. the recall includes frozen trader joe's pizza, al polllo asado produced across the country. the pizzamaker, fresh foods, has not received any bad reactions from customers. if you own a pet, you probably already believe in this. it's good for your health. pets can help you fight weight gain. a recent study out of the university of london found kids with dogs exercise 11 more minutes daily than those without. pets also bring a sense of calm do help you relieve stress and lower blood pressure. and pets help you cope by providing love and companionship. they also actually combat earlies in children. kids who have pets are 50% less likely to develop allergies. a group gathering in san francisco right now really appreciates its four-legged friends. >> let's bring in our friend. diane dwyer joining us from the
6:42 pm
15th annual -- what is this, the bark and whine ball? >> you got it, raj. and joining me is jennifer scarlett, she's one of the co-presidents over at the spca. this is a fund-raiser for the spca. and i have to say, before we get to the interview, the most fun part, personally, is if we can show the pooch, i've also got my dog here. so it's pretty fun to get to go around, have a lovely dinner, a little bit of whine, and the pooch gets to enjoy it as well. this is ftruman, he's from germn shepherd rescue. but tell me why we're all here? >> we're raising money for the cinderella fund, which helps support extraordinary medical share for our injured and sick shelter animals here in san francisco. >> very nice. and how much do we hope to raise tonight? >> we're hoping to raise about $100,000 tonight. >> reporter: in one night. and so far, this has been going on since 1987, you've raised more than $1 million, is that right? >> we've raised a little bit
6:43 pm
more than $1 million doing this. >> reporter: okay. so we're going to bark and whine around here and let you guys get back to the news of the day. nice to see you guys, jennifer, thank you, and back to you. >> diane, really quick, you've got truman there, i've got rocco, my dog, where were our invites? were we late to this? >> reporter: well, apparently rocco wasn't as special as you thought he was. we'll get him invited next year, raj. >> thank you for that, diane. >> don't take it personal. all right. jim with us now. how you doing? >> i'm doing fantastic, geared up and ready to go, it's beautiful outside and that means sports spring is officially here. that's tomorrow as the giants open the baseball season in l.a. their final tune-up at home against the athletics was a thriller. and the world champs name their opening day roster with some surprises. and wills.e w see a new fe playing facebook play ing face to start the year? we'll have that in sports.
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6:45 pm
well, welcome back. history is buried all across the bay area. old ships, buildings, artifacts of a different era. >> and within the walls of san francisco's oldest build is a forgotten mural. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. showing us its unusual journey back into the public eye. >> reporter: i've been doing murals in the city and beyond for over 15 years. we can always come back in with the white and the red. >> with murals, it's real cool, because you get that instant reaction. >> reporter: with every stroke of his brush, artist jet martinez is sending the wall of
6:46 pm
a mission district market 200 years into the past. >> it really spoke to things in my childhood, when i would see murals like this in some of the different districts. >> reporter: the mural is new, but its inspiration lies deep in san francisco history. >> this is a decorative mural that was behind the altar. >> reporter: in fact, the mural martinez is copying still exists. it just took some indiana jones-like sleuthing to bring it back to the public eye. seven years ago, ben wood, an archaeologist, eric blind, heard the tale of an old mural covered by the altar of mission delores, san francisco's oldest building. using cameras and pulleys in an attic crawl space, they photographed the mural one piece at a time. >> if you're above the altar, you can look below and see sort of from an oblique angle this mural that was painted in 1791. >> reporter: using a composite
6:47 pm
of those photos, martinez and his team are now recreating the mural, which was most likely painted by native americans. >> because part of the mural is no longer there, we're just recreating what's there now. and people can imagine what was there 200 years ago. >> there's two hearts, one has a sword through it and the other is a heart with throe nails. >> reporter: soon the mural will join the living for the first time in two centuries. it will become the backdrop for a weekly mission community street market, proving that the power and beauty of art can still inspire through the passing of time. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> 1791, that mural was first painted. >> that's going to be a sight to see once it's all said and done. >> gosh, a great story. jeff ranieri, we've got to thank you for the hot -- simply, it's hot outside. >> yeah, it is. it's going to get even hotter as we head throughout tomorrow. pretty sweet mural mother nature is painting for us as well. back here behind some of these record highs we had today, 86 in napa. that was our warmest temperature. santa rosa with 85.
6:48 pm
downtown san francisco with 82. and mountain view, throughout the peninsula, with plenty of upper 70s and low 80s. and what an extreme 2011 this has been. in january, we started off really dry, only six days with rain. then in february, we had sea level snowflakes in and throughout the san francisco bay area. very, very rare. and then three tornadoes in california in the past two weeks, hail, and of course, our flash flooding in and throughout capitola. meanwhile, today, it's all about that warming, low 70s and upper 80s in the north bay. still holding on to the heat, livermore, 78. feeling good. a really great night to get outside and maybe eat outside. do something outside, all right? will ya? meanwhile, as we head throughout thursday, we have more 80s coming back. more possible records. and you know it can't last too long. we'll talk about some weekend changes here coming up. but for tomorrow, at least the next 48 hours, high pressure stays parked offshore. that will bring us more 80s for thursday, also, more allergy concerns. everything is expected at peak in the high levels as we
6:49 pm
continue throughout thursday at this point. meanwhile, for tomorrow morning, starting off mild with 58 in san jose. 56 in los gatos, and 60 in san francisco. for the south bay, yes, low to mid-80s, pulling out the shorts, maybe the flip-flops, remember the tanning lotion, and if you have a pool, lucky you. 79 in san francisco, 74 in half moon bay, 84 in richmond and 85 expected in benicia. also clo close to 90 degrees inland for concord and fairfield. we could see some isolated 90s and 87 in santa rosa. seven-day forecast, the numbers go down, unfortunately, as we head into saturday and sunday with 60s coming on back, but enjoy the next two days. it's on me, free of charge, you guys. >> so nice of you. >> yes. >> what a giving guy. >> i do what i can. >> if it hits 90 degrees tomorrow, i'm showing up in shorts to work. >> now you can see the legs underneath the desk. not allowed, raj. >> i'll be promptly fired. >> let's bring in jim with sports.
6:50 pm
>> you were out at the ballpark. i bet you had a darned good time. and the final tune-up before things start to real. they were at home facing the as. giants using mostly backup players, but what a finish it was. bruce boechy, soaking up the sunshine. two up, bottom of the ninth, giants trailing 2-0, gets to second on an error, and a single to left to tie the game. whiteside to second tonight throw. next up, chris stewart hitting .321 of the spring. he rips a single to left. and if you're in front of this guy right there, you'd be able to see whiteside score in the game winner, 2-1 giants. you have to believe me on this one. i do know this. both clubs ready to start doing this thing for real. >> i'm just excited about getting started, no matter -- you know, spring, try to get ready for the season, spring,
6:51 pm
and i'm excited about getting started. i think everybody's ready for it. >> all is right with the world. we're on a baseball field and the sun's shining right now, so i can't complain. but it's time to start making them count. and i think that's what everybody across the board is anxious for. >> you know, i think we're ready to go and we've got an offday and we'll work out tomorrow and get after it on friday. >> it all gets going on thursday. giants at the dodgers, 5:05 first pitch. two-time winner tim lincecum. for the athletics, they open at home on friday. each with the mariners and hideki matsui. trevor cahill, 18-8. he counters for the green and gold. giants name their opening day roster today. the bad news is that closer brian wilson has joined cody ross on the dl. that was expected. not expected, travisish cowwa
6:52 pm
has been designated for reassignment. but there is good news and a surprise to some. after hitting .282 with an onbase percentage of .338, he has made the roster for the giants. among those surprised and thankful is belt who had a great reaction. >> i walked in and he said, grap congratulations, you made it. what w >> what was your reaction. >> i immediately started crying. i tried to be not too much of a wuss, but it's hard when you've been dreaming about this for your entire life. >> having see him come out and see his face. it's an awesome experience to watch live. we're happy for him. >> it's an unbelievable feeling right now. it almost doesn't seem real. you know, got a lot of emotions right now i'm trying to contain. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i hope i can get out of here and call my dad here pretty soon.
6:53 pm
>> that is amazingly refreshing. that is a fantastic thing to see and hear. well, the giants opener coming up on thursday, get ready for that blanket-like coverage, including our partner, comcast sportsnet bay area. the freak is ready for the season opener. i mean tim, not jamie, to begin. >> i've always kind of been the guy who said, i'll just go with the same approach i had any other game. obviously, the environment, being in l.a., obviously, being defending world champs. you've got a target on your back, so you've got told vat your game, at least mentally. don't try to do anything too different. stick to your strengths and i think everyone should work out just fine. >> you can see the entire exclusive interview with tim lincecum on thursday at 4:00 p.m. coverage of the opener is on comca comcast sportsnet. later on, santa clara going for a championship and warriors highlights. that's a tease. >> thank you very much, jim. >> thank you.
6:54 pm
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england's future princess stays so thin, but it's not without controversy. is it safe? it's the rumored weight loss method kate middleton and her mother are using to slim down fast. we asked a dietitian to check out this new diet craze for us and share the secret behind that royal figure. it's tonight at 11:00 after "law & order: svu". >> as if she needs to slim down. and we cannot leave you tonight without some of the cutest video into our newsroom today. the madrid zoo showed off panda twins po and dee dee. the twins also got the royal treatment when spain's queen sophia played with the pair. the queen spent a half hour with the 7-month-old twins who were born to a chinese giant panda late last year. too adorable. >> thanks for watching us tonight at 6:00. hope to see you back at 11:00. >> have a great night. >> good night. [ jerry ] look at this!
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